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1. MS Teams will work in the MS Team App or a in Browser. It is up to you which you would like to use if you have the required browser. 


2. Before the Bundle Break virtual session, open the calendar invite with the virtual link. 


3. If you use MS Teams for work or school, please log out of that app prior to clicking the link, otherwise that account’s preferences will be applied to the session.  For example, if your work or school administrator has disabled video for certain types of meetings, this will be applied to the Bundle Break and your video will not work properly. 


PC users: You can access directly from a desktop/laptop by clicking the link if your default browser is Internet Explorer 11 or higher, Microsoft Edge, the latest version of Chrome, or the latest version of Firefox. 


Apple users: Teams will not work using the Safari browser and you will need to download the app from the apple store.  


Mobile users: To use Teams on your mobile device or tablet, download the mobile app from your favorite app store. You can't use the web app on your mobile device. 


4. To load the virtual meeting, click on the link if you have downloaded the app or use one of the required default browsers. If your default browser is not one of the required ones, please copy and paste the link into one of the required browsers or download the desktop app from your favorite app store. 


5. Once in MS Teams via the app or the browser, please make sure to allow MS Teams access to your microphone and video. You will be able to test them if needed to ensure they are functioning. If the microphone or video does not work, please check to ensure you are not logged into a work or school account in the app. If you are still having challenges, please close the browser or application and click the link again. 


If you have any difficulties getting into the session, please contact us at 201-975-5706. 



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