Super Hero Mindfulness Academy 6-11

The Bundle Break Lesson Plan.



Today, we are going to test your superhero senses and teach you new super skills that you can use everyday. Are you ready to get super-fied????So the first super skill we are going to work on today is... are you ready for it? (MOUTH the words but don’t actually say them: “Super Hearing” and motion to your ears when they look at you funny.) Oh I’ll say it louder, I forgot you haven’t had the training yet. SUPER HEARING! Yes, after this care experience you WILL have the skills to hear better. Now, its not an easy skill to develop super hearing but with hard work and dedication I know you can do it! Are you ready to get started?




Before we get started with the training we need to work on your Superhero uniform. Let’s get our paper, crayons/markers/stickers, scissors, and string/ribbon. Cuzit’s time to make our Superhero mask! YES.What do you think historically masks were used for? (PAUSE, wait for response). They were used to hide your face when people were ashamed of something. But not superheroes masks; they use masks to hide their identify and to protect them and the people they love from the evil villains who might want to harm them. Believe it or not, all superheroes, even with all their amazing superpowers, have a vulnerability or a weakness. Who’s your favorite superhero? (PAUSE, wait for response).Ok. Back to our mask. First thing we need to do is design and then cut out the mask. Let me show you the general shape we are looking for as we don’t want it to disrupt your superhero training.


(Mask instructions: have kids cut out a general mask shape and cut eye holes and leave room for their nose as we don’t want it to impede their smell training. Then have them use a pencil or scissors to cut or punch out holes for the ribbon/string. The ribbon and string should be slipped through the hole and then tied around the side in a knot to prevent them from slipping out. Knotting in the hole could work but if the hole are too big will slip out during the exercise. The child can then decorate it and it’s ready to wear. As child decorates, ask them about their decorations and designs, make conversation, and have them show you their finished mask at the end).




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