When Bon Appétit isn't so Bon Anymore

If you’re like me, eating in day after day is getting old and boring. I’m tired of the everyday same blah dinner table and so are my kids. We miss going out! We miss the fun and the ambiance. It’s that simple! Doesn’t everyone?

So, we got the Bundle team together to share their top five best dinner themes to add some fun and flare to the everyday home dinner. With recipes to boot! We got you covered!  Now get your dinner-theme on and share what you make with us on Instagram @bundlechildlcare. Can’t wait to see where your creative genius takes you.

Oui, Oui, Chere

They say that everything is better in Paris, and your dinner definitely will be, with this magnifique French theme. Put on your berets and say bonjour to this wonderful dinner. Start with this French Onion Soup recipe (or you can use Trader Joe’s, no one has to know) and add some toasted baguettes. For a hearty entree, try your hand at this Coq au vin recipe.  Don’t worry if your kids are picky eaters, you can still stick to the Paris theme with an added side of french fries (or convince yourself you’re being “healthy” by making it sweet potato fries). Bon Appetit!

Marhaba, Istanbul.

If you wanna add some spice, recreate the feeling of eating at a Turkish Café off the Bosphorus in Istanbul. This delicious Chicken Tava recipe will have your kids coming bak(lava) for more.  Pair it with a side of white rice and Mediterranean salad. Add some fun by eating cross-legged on the floor around a makeshift table. End the night with Turkish Tea, then put your kids to Bosphorest

That’s Amour!

Nothing beats the bore than adding some theme flare to your everyday dinner than that feeling of being in Sicily Italy. Grab some candles, red napkins, and ask Alexa to put on some Italian restaurant music. Have everyone make their own individual pizza or simply boil up some pasta, add in a little sauce and cheese on top and you're good to go. Check out this simple pizza dough recipe, you’ll have a taste of Italy in no time. Mangia!

Hasta LaVista Boring Dinners 

Take Taco Tuesdays to a new level. Get the whole family involved with a fun and interactive taco bar.  Don’t forget to add your favorite side dishes like guac or Pico de Gallo. And while your kids are drinking their mocktails, reward yourself with an easy mojito.  You won’t realize that you’re stuck at home because this dinner will transport you straight to Mexico. 

Order up!

Nothing feels as good as heading to your favorite diner for some comfort food. Support your local restaurants and your mental health simultaneously by calling your favorite restaurants and ordering for pickup or delivery. Oh, and pajamas are encouraged at this meal.

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