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Bundle Guest Blogger, Director at a biotech company, and Mother of two.

When the worldwide pandemic inserted itself into our everyday lives, the routines that I had become so accustomed to were flipped upside down. I could no longer go to work in my office, see the friendly faces of my coworkers, and engage in stimulating conversations. I was unable to shop at my favorite store (Target) or to eat at my favorite local diner, small luxuries that I used to take for granted. One of the biggest changes in my family’s routine was that my children were no longer allowed to attend school and could not see their friends, like so many others. Playdates were halted, and my kids felt a feeling of loss and sorrow that I, as an adult, can only try to understand. At a young age, social interaction and education are integral for a child’s emotional growth and for the development of a good spirit. I knew it was my responsibility as a parent to do everything in my power to provide my children with an experience that was as “normal” and familiar as possible. Even though it was difficult to do so myself (sweatpants are just too comfortable), I encouraged them to get dressed every day for their virtual schooling, and I arranged several online playdates for them. We set up daily schedules that included a lunch break and recess just like they would have if classes were conducted in-person.  

Still, no matter what strides I made to provide some semblance of normalcy, my kids revolted. They really did not enjoy this new normal. They struggled with focusing on their school subjects and the virtual playdates were only effective for a whopping ten minutes. They would become cranky and irritable, but who could blame them? I was at a loss for a solution. I did not know what to do or where to turn. My partner and I were both still working, and it was very hard to ensure their needs were accounted for, while simultaneously juggling Zoom meetings and new obstacles that came about when everything transitioned to a virtual platform. I even considered hiring a virtual babysitter, but quickly vetoed the idea - I mean, how useful would that actually be? A babysitter would merely stare at my kids through the screen (and probably be scrolling through Instagram the whole time as he or she was half-watching my kids). They deserved something more, something better. They needed someone who could learn with them and be a friend, someone who would teach them in an exciting way and actually engage with them.

Thankfully, I came across Bundle. 

Bundle provides everything that I didn’t even know I needed. With Bundle, it's way more than just babysitting. The Bundlist instructors know how to interact with my kids in an engaging way and teach them various educational topics through fun and unique activities. My kids gain knowledge and information on a wide range of topics like engineering with catapults, physics with slime, and about Panama’s culture. They don’t even realize how much they are learning because they are having so much fun. The Bundlists provide a fun and meaningful environment - it is like a child’s amusement park! There are many different Bundle Breaks to choose from, so my kids are never bored and are consistently occupied with engaging lessons. One notable activity that I observed was them building an "Identi-tree" in the Bundle Break about anti-racism, where they learn how people's differences make them unique and special. It is comforting to know that I can continue working in order to help support my family while my children are receiving the highest level of care and engagement.

My husband would argue that a baseball card he found at a garage sale is his most valuable find; mine is most definitely Bundle. Bundle is very much the future of care and learning. It takes babysitting to another level. I am hopeful that their values and setup will become a standard for all forms of care and learning. I have seen how much of a positive impact Bundle has made on my own family, and I know that there are other parents out there who would greatly benefit from a service such as this one. 

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