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We are proud to launch our new podcast...Behind Bundle! Behind Bundle gives our audience a peek at the inner workings here at Bundle. We are pulling back the curtain and giving you a transparent and unfiltered look at what goes into leading a carevolution and what it takes to spearhead a much-needed business transformation. In our podcast, you’ll hear from our team and other experts in the fields of education, care, industry, and academics to gain insights on what we need to do to drive this care transformation. Our first episode features Kayla Lebovits, the founder and CEO of Bundle. As a working mother herself, Kayla explores the pain points of working parents, discusses living in the sandwich generation, and highlights the growing needs to ditch the traditional child care model for a more flexible one that meets the modern (and future!) workforce.  

Click the link below to hear Kayla’s inspirational insights:  

https://www.bundlecares.com/behind-bundle Episode highlights: 

  • (0.54) Kayla explains how the current "one size fits all" care model is outdated and no longer universally applicable; the definition of a “typical” family structure is increasingly becoming more diverse, and a new set of needs must be addressed. 

  • (2.14) The “Sandwich Generation” is growing and their needs must be met with the additional burdens presented with the COVID-19 global pandemic. The traditional care model is not enough. Flexibility and personalization make all the difference, which is where Bundle comes in – they provide all that and more! 

  • (3.53) Taking a look at the hidden blessings in COVID-19: an increase in shared care-taking responsibilities between life partners, higher sensitivity and support from employers, and impactful innovations. 

  • (5.48) Parents are taking on multiple roles in the face of the pandemic, having to parent, teach, work, and take care of many other family and household responsibilities.

  • (7.29) Older adults need to be cared for as well, especially during such a time as COVID-19.  Isolation and lack of usual visits takes a huge toll on employees who are unable to see their older family members. This is yet another reason the old-fashioned care model is not enough. 

Bundle offers personalized, high-quality child and elderly care solutions as an employee benefit.

Make sure to join us next week as we hear from Dr. Joseph Fuller on his view of the shifting needs of the modern workforce. 

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