Silver Linings from Quarantine

Some days, when the kids sleep in (happens rarely but when it does it's glorious) and the work emails haven't started piling up just yet, we realize that hey, quarantine hasn't been all that bad. Here are the top perks our team thought of when it came to quarantine's silver linings:

1. Free virtual concerts – A live concert in the comfort of your bed? Yes please! Thanks to platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, many celebrities have been putting on virtual concerts. While it obviously isn’t the same experience as going out and seeing a live performance, there are some perks. You get to see what your favorite celebrity’s house looks like. You don’t have to crane your neck to get a good view of the stage. You don’t have to be squashed like a sardine. Best of all, you can watch it in your pajamas! You can watch your favorite artists perform over the next few weeks here.

2. Netflix released a lot of new, good shows – Just when we thought we had run out of interesting Netflix shows to watch, they surprised us with an outpouring of crazy new shows. Tiger King is a story like no other (did Carole kill her husband?). Love is Blind is so bad but you just can’t look away, and our very favorite - Season 4 of Workin’ Moms came out!

3. Free Calories – Since every day since 2020 felt like a fever dream, I think we can all agree that our calories aren’t real anyway. Nothing tastes as good as a guilt-free brownie. Or chips. Or ice-cream. Or ice-cream with brownies and chips on top.

4. Get to spend more time with your kids – Yes, we know that this is both a blessing and a curse. But, working kept us busy for most of the day and It was a struggle to find time to hang out with the kids. Being homebound gives opportunities to bond with your children in different ways. While there are days you may feel like you’d do anything to be able to leave your house and never return, we can all agree that we wouldn’t give up parenting for anything.  

5. Gained an appreciation for the smaller things in life – Like, a quiet moment in the morning with your coffee. Only doing one load of laundry a day instead of the usual four. Your kids cleaning up their toys without a reminder. While they may not be the greatest things to ever occur, they sure feel like the world. And, as they say, “It’s the small moments in life that mean the most.”

6. No more unexpected pop-ins - as nice as it was that your extended family members loved stopping by randomly to see you and the kids, it was stressful. You had to make sure everything looked perfect, hide the stain in your shirt, and postpone some of your plans. You don’t have to worry about that anymore, so you can wear your shirt with the holes in it, leave that hair in its messy bun, and let your house maintain its unique state of ‘messy, but in a neat way.'

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