Our New Year's Message

After what has felt like a marathon of awful, 2020 is officially winding down. The beginning of a new decade started with so much hope and excitement. Then March happened. As we began sheltering-in-place, the days, then the weeks, then the months, blended together, creating what sometimes feels like a lost year. I don’t need to state the obvious by saying that this year didn’t go as planned. Learning how to adjust and adapt to our new normal showed us all just how resilient we can be. We’ve learned more about ourselves and our values and been able to see what matters most to us.

January 1 won’t be the magical day that ends all the dumpster fires 2020 has thrown at us. But it will bring us hope. Every day, more and more front-line workers receive the Coronavirus vaccine, and a post-COVID life begins to take shape. We are beginning to imagine what life will look like, and what will be different.

We will all be much more prone to hoarding toilet paper, and many of us will feel uncomfortable spending time with large groups of people. We will all wash our hands a lot more, notice when people around us cough, and wear more sweatpants than ever before. This year will go down in history for sure. My daughter will grow up learning about the virus, knowing she lived through it, but with no memories of it. There will be TV sitcoms about this year, tinged with nostalgia for the mass online shopping and toilet paper shortages. There will be movies, musicals, and memoirs galore, all reflecting on a time when we wore masks to protect ourselves from a since-eradicated virus.

We've become much more understanding of people and their struggles during this time. One-size does not fit all, and if COVID has taught us anything, it’s that everybody is dealing in their own way. I hope we continue being kind and considerate. We’ve been eager to lend a helping hand during this tumultuous year, and I hope we bring this spirit into the New Year. Even though COVID-19 won’t miraculously disappear on January 1, it is nice to think that we are almost done with one of the toughest years many of us have had. In the future, I think we’ll value meaningful socialization more and spend more time with our loved ones without the interruption of constant technology.

Thank you to our Bundle families for inviting us into your lives. Being able to help working families and serve our global community has truly become our North Star. None of this would be possible without the Bundle team. Our dedicated, hardworking team makes each day exciting, and I can’t wait to see what 2021 brings us.

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