Journey to Bundle

From her WFH setup, Founder and CEO of Bundle, Kayla Lebovits, recounts how she came up with the initial idea for a concierge-style benefits company. Before entering Harvard Business School, Kayla was working in finance when she noticed an unfortunate trend. As women climbed the corporate ladder and entered more senior positions, they were also starting families. Kayla watched the women around her struggle with maintaining a work-life balance and found it to be very frustrating. 

“I felt that companies had a huge opportunity to really support their employees in whatever phase of life they were in,” Kayla says, calling this the lightbulb moment that encouraged her to create Bundle, which officially launched in February 2018. 

In March, when our world turned upside-down, Bundle turned with it. Providing virtual care became even more critical as many parents switched to working from home and kids started virtual learning. According to the Wall Street Journal, around 50 million students switched to online learning in March, and a Gallup poll says that 62 percent of employees in the United States are now working from home. 

One of the biggest changes Bundle made is the expansion of breaks offered. “We've really built out that personalized concierge approach to our virtual platform as well as expanded our product areas to meet parents’ evolving needs,” Kayla says. 

In addition to providing fun, education breaks, Bundle began also helping with homework and tutoring, she says, “With COVID-19, we just continued to evolve to meet our employee members needs and have continued to do that so we can really support them during these times trends and beyond as workplace are changing.” 

Bundle has been so well received, that parents are now reaching out to schedule breaks for themselves. “There's a lot of opportunities to support every single type of employee,” Kayla says, “no matter where they are in life. All employees need support, whether they are taking care of themselves, their parents, or young children.”

Kayla’s dedication to working families goes well beyond being evolving with clients and offering new solutions. After becoming a mom last November, Kayla now understands and can relate to, the struggle of working parents on a much more personal level. “I now understand the pain point of what it's like to juggle and wear a million hats as a parent, colleague, partner, a sibling, a friend, that it's just a lot and I can truly understand that,” she says.

Besides relating to the working parent struggle, Kayla has also learned just how valuable time is, especially having free time for yourself. “Everyone needs time to themselves, and time where they can disconnect,” she says, “Everyone needs ‘me time’.”

For Kayla, the most rewarding part of Bundle has been twofold; one, being able to watch the Bundle team grow and work together. “Watching different members of our team really grow and develop has been personally, really satisfying for me,” Kayla says. "We’ve had challenging moments and fun moments together,” she says, “And every day is an adventure.”

The second is being able to make a tangible difference in the lives of working families. Reading testimonials from parents about how Bundle has been able to support them during these challenging times reaffirms for Kayla what it’s all about.

“Hearing what parents have to say about us, calling us a lifesaver, saying that we truly are as effective as we claim to be, that we've been able to support them and their children and make a meaningful difference in their day,” Kayla says, “That to me never gets old.”

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