Goodbye summer, was it great while it lasted?

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Summer camp but make it home edition 

Every day was the same endless repetition 

“What are we doing today?” is how I woke up every day 

“Something fun,” I lied, but what else was I to say 

At first there were crafts, backyard sports, and baking 

I was going to make the best of the situation, every minute of my waking 

Those were my initial thoughts, so happy, so hopeful 

But as time went on the thoughts grew more woeful 

I was running out of both activity ideas and patience 

As much as I tried there was no feeling of complacence 

Why was everything a fight? I couldn’t understand

My fellow mom friends and I vented about the problem at hand.

We talked, related, and cried; it was nice to feel understood

It also helped us realize that with struggles came lots of good

There was the family bonding, we all grew closer to each another 

I taught my daughter how to ride her bike, she then taught her brother 

There was the time we set out to go camping and were back home before nine

We learned not to take anything for granted, whether it be people or time 

So while I’m sad that the weather is colder, my thoughts are contrasted 

Goodbye summer, was it great while it lasted?

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