Get a Competitive Edge, Get Community

Believe it or not our world is more social than it has ever been. It’s ingrained into our culture and any company looking to gain a competitive edge needs to think about unique and innovative ways to get it into their business model. Now, we're not talking about more social media sites and accounts, although those are very useful if you don't have them. We're talking about social encounters that build community and connect people in ways they never could have imagined. We have transcended the age of information and are on a path to the age of experience. Companies that focus on building community through experience will unlock amazing competitive edges. We’ve found this so true in building Bundle and it was a drive for us to launch our Care Advantage plan this year. To get a better handle on how you might leverage community to gain an edge in your own sector, check out Harvard Business Review’s recent article, "When Community Becomes Your Competitive Advantage."

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