End of the Chore War

Some might say it’s easier to have a peaceful conversation with your in-laws, have your partner do laundry and obtain world peace before you can convince your kids do their chores. We’re still working on the first three, but in the meantime our Bundle Team has come up with our best 5 ways to get your kids to do their chores.

1. Ticket system: Do you remember the feeling at the end of a trip to Chuck E. Cheese or Dave & Buster’s when you went to redeem your tickets? Let’s be real, it was way more exciting than the actual games. Apply the same concept at home! Have your children choose prizes they want, whether it be a new doll, game, (or you can go on a shopping spree at Dollar tree) and assign a ticket price based on the prize’s value. Your kids can work their way towards their prize by doing their chores – you can allocate different ticket amounts to their chores too! This way, the more chores they complete, the closer they are to their prize.

2. Let them decide: You know that wonderful feeling you get when your partner remembers to take out the trash after you “gently” reminded them every day for the past week? That’s the glorious feeling of being understood and heard. Just like us, kids just want to feel like they have a say. So, sit down and ask them their top 3 chore preferences! After hearing them out, create a chart that rotates the chores week by week (or day by day), while ensuring that at least one of their preferred chores is on the list. And if they complain, well, they literally asked for it. 

Bonus: Have your kids design the chore chart – it can be a fun activity for them and make them feel more involved! 

3. Race against the clock: This is a fun game that can be used for all kinds of tasks! Set your phone timer for 5 minutes (or say 5 minutes and secretly set it to 10 minutes) and turn on playful music in the background. Your kids have until the timer stops to finish their chores, and after that they are free. The goal is to make them give 110% in a shorter time frame, instead of 30% over the course of the day. Here’s a playlist with fun songs that you can use while your children are rushing to finish their chores. 

4. Break down and sniffle a bit: Your kids will feel bad that you are sad and start cleaning up…works like a charm every time. May seem harsh, but come on, after everything you do for them, the least they can do is help out just a little bit. The pain they claim to endure while putting their toys away is nowhere near the emotional anguish they are causing you.

5. Express your appreciation: We can sometimes underestimate the power of a simple thank you. Kids (and let’s be real, so do we) love recognition. Acknowledging your children’s helpfulness and letting them know how much you appreciate their assistance will certainly go a long way. Compliment their work – tell them you love how clean the table looks after they cleared it, how you appreciate how neat their room is, or point out how the floor is sparkling after they swept it. Take it to another level and let your parents and friends know your kids are the best helpers around. And, while your friends and extended family probably couldn’t care less, your kids will gain a sense of how much their completion of their chores matters to you, which will encourage them to do more of them.

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