Convert Your Home Into A Homeroom

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

With schools going virtual this fall, it is important to dedicate space in your home for your child's new online learning environment. It can be challenging to bring the at-school feeling into your home, but Bundle has a few tips and tricks to make the virtual back-to-school adjustment just a little easier!

  1. Identify the environment: Studies have shown that identifying one designated room as a workspace helps your child focus. Avoid engaging in other activities in the space so your child knows that this room means it is time to do their work.

  2. Sleep and work do not mix: Keep the school work outside of the bedroom in order to place boundaries between their workspace and sleep space. It has been proven that it is harder to fall asleep when you engage in sleep and work in the same location. You can strengthen your child's mental association between the bedroom and sleep by keeping these boundaries clear.

  3. Decoration time: Similar to your desk at work, your child should be able to decorate their workspace. Let your child put up some photos of friends, add stickers to their pencil case, and really make it their own. It will make them more excited to sit down and work if they are comfortable in their space.

  4. Let the games begin: After school hours, let your child engage with friends over video. Have a remote watch party, virtual game night, or online play dates. Make sure your child is not just using their video technology for school activities. This playful association will allow your child to be more excited about zoom class sessions!

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