Bundle's Top Care Tips for HR and Talent Managers Caring for Their Teams

We at Bundle understand how challenging the past few months have been for all those in the Human Resources and Talent Management professions. Almost overnight, the pandemic required companies and organizations to pivot to providing its employees telework options, incorporating distancing policies, and adapting to a new reality. Any one of these things would have been hard enough to navigate without also having colleagues get sick, undergo financial hardships, and/or struggle with a lack of childcare. In addition, our country's renewed attention to social justice issues has further motivated these same institutions to reevaluate and recommit to increasing diversity and retention and advancing inclusion priorities. If you are one of our dedicated human resource and talent management professionals focused on all these critical efforts right now, Bundle would like to offer four key tips on how you can both achieve workplace goals and strengthen your own resiliency.

1. Pace yourself - this is a marathon not a sprint.

This year may feel like a never-ending relay race. Yet, the truth is we have a very long road ahead in both combatting COVID-19 and achieving the systemic change needed to have truly diverse and inclusive workplaces. Prioritizing your long to-do lists is essential, as is budgeting time in your schedule to work on different projects. If you're spending your whole day in meetings or only answering pressing emails, you will never get to the strategic planning needed to problem-solve bigger issues. Build in time each week that is reserved for these activities by blocking off a set time to focus and plan. Make sure that blocked time is uninterrupted too by delegating authority to another colleague, which also helps build their professional development - a double win.

 2. Seek allies – tap others interested in supporting your efforts and innovating processes. 

Right now everyone is looking to HR and Talent Management departments for all the answers, but some of the best ideas and thinking might be from people in other divisions within the organization. Don’t be afraid to initiate listening sessions across your company, meet with different employee groups, and solicit ideas on improving the work environment. Getting senior buy-in, whether on small or big changes, will be easier if you’ve taken the pulse of the workforce and can back up your ideas with good data and anecdotes. This is a perfect time to lean in to innovation, engage your IT colleagues, and encourage some fresh creative thinking on all your organization’s systems and processes. The opportunities are endless as we adapt to new workplace realities and revamp recruitment and management practices.

3. Refresh your training - there’s no time like the present to learn something new.

No matter how busy we are, we have to hit the pause button periodically and update our skill set at every level of our careers. There’s a lot of good training right now available online to learn about timely topics like mitigating unconscious bias, conducting structured interviews, or whatever job specific knowledge and support you may need. This is also a great time to learn more about the best retention tools, inclusion practices, and latest workplace benefits to keep your employees productive and healthy, such as the virtual care and learning benefits Bundle offers! ;)

4. Recharge - there’s a reason we put our masks on first on a plane before helping others.

At the end of the day, we can only give so much and are only as helpful as we are rested and focused. Indeed, resting and downtime is essential to succeed. The US is among the top countries where employees take the least amount of leave, and last year nearly half of Americans didn’t take their allowed leave time. But, taking these leave days isn’t the only important thing to do. Taking micro-breaks during the day to get up and walk around, pausing for lunch, and taking time here and there to ‘unplug and recharge’ will enable you to be refreshed and recommitted to your work. Practicing mindfulness and gratitude, and spending time with loved ones, will also help you become a more resilient person and model to your employees for how to thrive both at work and at home.

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