A Tale of Two Business Evils; Presenteeism and Absenteeism

Presenteeism and absenteeism are on the rise and unexpected childcare issues rank as one of the top reasons driving this trend. Sick kids, school closures, last minute meetings happen are real business challenges parents face every day. Many companies have tried to remedy absenteeism with flexible telework options as a substitute for childcare needs, but this has just shifted the curve to raise presenteeism. Absenteeism is easy to identify, but presenteeism isn't as easy to in the day to day business hustle. Sure, employees are now "available to work for home", but studies show their productivity and quality of work can often suffer. ChildCare Aware estimates that U.S. businesses lose $4.4 billion each year as a result of childcare related absenteeism. Bottom line: when the decision comes down to work or family, our modern employee has their eyes on the family prize and will favor job positions that offer care options.

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