5 Seconds of Mindless Fun

Things have been rough these days between being a parent, teacher, cook, full-time worker, partner, friend...it just never ends. Give yourself a timeout and discover your mom personality. Its 5 am and your child is standing at your doorway, ready to start the day. What is your response?  a. Get up and get ready to start your day – a wonderful opportunity for sunrise yoga! 

b. Invite them into your bed so you can all sleep some more. 

c. Pretend you don’t see them and continue to sleep. 

What does a typical weekend look like for your family? 

a. Scrapbooking together with the cute kit you bought at Target last week. 

b. Baking sugar cookies and trying to come up with the silliest shapes you can!

c. You wish there was a typical weekend! Your weekend activities range from picnics in the park to dance parties in your driveway.

You’re in the grocery store and you kid sees some candy they want. You say no and you can see a tantrum forming. What do you do?  a. Find the two healthiest candy options and tell them that if they’re good they can choose one. 

b. Find an exotic fruit, convince them it’s a rare candy, and give it to them.

c. Give them the candy. You don’t want to be judged by the entire store.  What kind of friend were you in high school? 

a. Mom Friend – you always carried extra band aids in case anyone needed them, would help your friends with their homework, and you were the one everyone looked up to.  

b. Therapist friend – you were the go-to person when any slight inconvenience occurred. Everyone knew if they needed good advice or to spill a secret, you were the one to speak to. 

c. Spontaneous friend – your friends knew they could count on you to take part in last minute plans, crazy adventures, and late-night hangouts. 

What is your go to dinner meal? 

a. Go to? Not you. Every day is another chance to try a new recipe in my cookbook

b. Mac and Cheese baby (if we’re being honest, it’s more for you then your kids). 

c. Chicken and rice. A classic that satisfies everyone. 

Your favorite TV show is

a. Workin’ Moms – you love the humorous depiction of the everyday chaos working mothers endure. 

b. Gilmore Girls – Lorelai and Rory’s close relationship is everything! 

c. Full House – so many people, so much going on, but everything seems to work out in the end.  

Your dream vacation involves:

a. Any big city – London, Paris, NYC

b. Skiing – nothing brings the family together more than sipping hot drinks in the lounge after a cold day on the slopes 

c. Beach – you could just sit there and relax all day.

If you picked mostly A’s: 

The Hip Mom – You’re a superstar. You’re juggling work, raising a family, and helping your friends, flawlessly. Your kids are constantly dressed as if they just walked out of a magazine, and are well behaved (well, in front of everyone besides you but no one has to know). You know what you want and don’t let anything stop you from going after it. 

If you picked mostly B’s: 

The Best Friend Mom You and your kids are best friends – for real. Your friends call you crazy, but you honestly enjoy playing with their toys just as much as they do. And while you know the line between discipline and friendship, you celebrate having a fun and close connection with your little ones. 

If you picked mostly C’s: 

The Relaxed Mom – your kids are fighting with each other over how to pronounce the word “scribble”? That’s ok, it’s normal. You go with the flow and embrace bumps in the road with open arms.  If things don’t go according to plan, you are able to calmly and effortlessly come up with something else. Your friends admire how carefree you are and know they can count on you for unbiased and helpful advice.

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