Workers like me struggle every day to balance work and life demands. I want to change that by providing personalized, high-quality subsidized virtual sessions so employees can recharge, reenergize and focus when it's needed most. After graduating from Harvard Business School, I knew employees needed a change and that's why I launched Bundle - to go above and beyond the everyday benefit model that is currently offered. It's time to reimagine and reinvent the traditional benefit model that is primarily focused on age and gender to one that is centered on life. 

Today’s modern employee needs a personalized work-life benefit that offers experiences focused on improving their well-being, connection with others, leadership skills, and performance. 

Kayla Lebovits, CEO & Founder



Bundle is excited to announce the launch of two new break lines--Me and Team Breaks--to provide employees breaks for every stage of their life. The introduction of Me and Team Breaks enables companies to offer employees highly personalized, educational, social, and interactive break experiences to improve overall well-being, community, and productivity.

Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a global management consulting firm, has partnered with Bundle to help their employees better thrive in this new unprecedented time and era. BCG strives for a business advantage in every thing they do and working with Bundle is no exception.

Alector remains a pioneer in finding innovative solutions, but this time its for their employees. True to its core that life extends beyond the office, Alector has partnered with Bundle to offer employees unparalleled breaks to help improve their well being in this challenging time.

If you thought never in a million years you’d be sharing your office space with your children, think again. Hear what Kayla has to say in Redfin's post on Home Solutions for Balancing Work and Parenting.

A break in the pandemic clouds shows benefits for women.

Kayla talks about how massive shift to remote work has opened up new opportunities for women and could help drive a shift in the future of work.

Mom's Hierarchy of Needs discusses "Will the Pandemic Lead to a Better Childcare System?" She looks at how Bundle may be the innovative care solution that's there when parents need it.

We are expanding! Bundle is tapping into a new talent pool in college students, graduate students, and military spouses, increasing positions by 75% since March. Bundle has partnered and connected with universities and organizations—such as Children’s Aid, Howard University, and Fordham University—to grow a diverse instructor cadre and to provide those facing local job challenges the opportunity to work remotely.

No one at Bundle will disagree with you that Kayla is without a question the model of a Fairygodboss.  She is a supportive strong woman in her own right who strives to build others up. A common binding thread shared by all who work for her is be bold, be fearless and to the right thing. She inspires us everyday with her infectious passion to evolve the world's care model for the betterment of the whole.  We are excited to share this Fairygodboss article with you.


See what The Wall Street Journal is saying about Bundle in COVID Babysitting: When Virtual Camps and Sitter Dates Get Messy and hear from our own Lead Bundlist Rachel Fischer as she shares some care adventures of her own on virtual breaks.

Bundle's CEO and Founder--Kayla Lebovits-- discusses the education-care conundrum facing working parent today in Talent Management & HR. She highlights the evolving needs for the modern remote workforce, combined with the care economy crisis of the pandemic and the coming fall school year, which is creating a real problem for parents that flexibility can’t solve.

Thanks to Business Insider for listing Bundle  as #1 for startups that are helping parents launch pandemic school pods. Our Bundle Bunches and Brainy Bunches were designed to give children a social interactive outlet while also providing engaging learning experiences. 

Check out this TechHR article highlighting Bundle's blended education-care benefit that's disrupting the traditional care model to help employees stuck in a school-work-care conundrum.

Oberland Capital X Bundle will offer their employees the break they need to stay focused when it really matters, allowing them to better blend work-life needs. 

Workest by Zenefits calls out Bundle in its latest article on how some employers are trying to go the extra mile to show staff members they care. 

See what the workforce might look like without women.  Read Kayla's article to get a glimpse at the near-term possible fate of our workforce if employers don't lean in to drive change in TLNT

Airtable X Bundle will give their employees the flexibility and time they need to continue to create products that keep the rest of us super organized and prepared. 

Bundle x BridgeBio brings care breaks to the BridgeBio workforce to help them get the break they need when they need it while their children engage in thoughtful STEAM focused care experiences. 

Bundle's CEO, Kayla Lebovits, was featured in #MyPennStory where she shares how Bundle Breaks was launched in response to the COVID Pandemic to evolve and meet the needs of her working parents.

Alumni Confront the COVID-19 Crisis. How HBS alumni are helping their neighbors, communities, businesses, and each other during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Maze Therapeutics X Bundle will provide their employees with the Bundle Breaks they need, allowing them to worry less and focus more on making dramatic advances in human genetics and functional genomics.



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